The delicacy of the Pakistani marketplace is a rare but exciting experience, in recent years; many travelers and online influencer/s have flocked to the South Asian Country, it’s location being uniquely positioned; neighboring India, Afghanistan, Iran and Bangladesh.

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Imran Khan is the newly elected Pakistani Prime Minister whom envisages his country to have an new era of success. Uplifting the impoverished out of poverty and family deprivation. The Pakistani Government has implemented numerous initiatives to tackle the affairs of the country, despite seeing constant up-rise due to the failing economy and the corona virus out break that has seen many domestic workers struggle with keeping afloat with their daily lives. The Prime Minister Imran Khan was quickly to feel the pain or potential struggle that many Pakistani Citizens will endure during this global pandemic.

Guru Magnet is developing an innovative Fintech application to tackle some of the problematic infrastructure issues that Pakistan has been facing, in recent years and prior there have been worrying scenes of social issues that indirectly or directly impact many citizens of the country.

The Guru Magnet team have identified potential elements that could possibly change the course of history in Pakistan and many other countries across the globe.

We aren’t talking about a mere marketplace?! the tools that will be associated with the infrastructure will enhance services and products which everyday Pakistani would be able to utilize and ineffectively up-rise out of poverty and vulnerable societal situations.

In 1997, a damning report was published after investigating the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences in later life and how it can be tackled. Guru Magnet would say that the real pandemic is the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences otherwise known as ACE’s.

Can an Fintech Application and due diligence plan implement change to many impoverished communities across the world? we believe so!

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